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Summer Wellness: Yoga Retreats at The Wigwam

By: The Wigwam / 04 Jun 2024
Summer Wellness: Yoga Retreats at The Wigwam

Summer is the season of rejuvenation and no place better encapsulates this than The Wigwam with its exceptional yoga retreats. Here we have curated a series of experiences that promise to restore your mind, body, and spirit in the tranquil settings of one of the most beloved resorts.

Discover Inner Peace through Guided Yoga Practices

Our summer yoga retreats are tailored to meet the needs of everyone, from beginners to seasoned yogis. Set in serene surroundings, these sessions are led by expert instructors who focus on mind-body alignment and breathing techniques. Attend sunrise yoga in Trellis Garden every Wednesday evening for a gentle start to your day or experience to elevate your practice. Each session is designed to improve flexibility, boost mental clarity, and enhance your overall sense of well-being.

Enhance Your Retreat with Hydro Fit Learning

Start your week with a splash at our Hydro Fit classes held at the Oasis Pool every Monday and Wednesday morning. This invigorating water-based workout combines cardio, strength, and resistance training while being easy on the joints. The buoyancy of the water provides a low-impact environment, making it perfect for individuals of all fitness levels.

Nourish Body and Soul with Yogalates

On Tuesdays, join us at the Motion Studio for Yogalates, a harmonious blend of yoga and Pilates. You'll engage in a series of movements that improve flexibility, core strength, and overall body awareness. Picture yourself in a tranquil studio, moving through fluid poses and stretches that release tension and build strength. This class is ideal for those who want the meditative benefits of yoga combined with the muscle-toning advantages of Pilates.

PiYo as Part of Your Wellness Journey

Unlike traditional yoga or Pilates classes, PiYo focuses on constant flow to build muscle, improve flexibility, and burn calories. Classes are offered every Thursday morning in the Motion Studio. It is a dynamic class that fuses Pilates and yoga with nonstop movement. Think of PiYo as a dance where each movement seamlessly transitions into the next, creating a rhythm that energizes your body and mind.

Reflection and Growth with Total Body Conditioning

Kickstart your weekend with Total Body Conditioning at the Motion Studio every morning. This comprehensive workout targets all major muscle groups through a combination of cardio, strength training, and core exercises. It's designed to improve overall fitness, boost metabolism, and increase muscle tone. Imagine pushing yourself through a series of challenging exercises that leave you feeling accomplished and more vital.

Mat Pilates as Part of Your Wellness Retreat

Picture the serene atmosphere of our Motion Studio as you engage in precise movements that target the deep muscles of your abdomen, lower back, hips, and thighs. MAT Pilates is an excellent way to unwind after a long day, helping you to relax while still providing a challenging workout. Join us every Wednesday evening in June for MAT Pilates at the Motion Studio.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and relaxation this summer at The Wigwam. With a blend of enriching yoga and summer fitness classes, you're set for a transformative experience. Ready to rejuvenate your senses? Visit us to embrace a summer of wellness and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Indulge in the ultimate rejuvenation with our exclusive Yoga Retreats and summer fitness classes at The Wigwam . Escape the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in tranquility amid luxurious accommodations and top-notch amenities. From serene yoga sessions to summer fitness classes, we have curated a full lineup of activities to enhance your relaxation and wellness journey. Book your stay today and treat yourself to a weekend of blissful rejuvenation. We're eagerly awaiting to welcome you and your loved ones to an unforgettable retreat at The Wigwam.

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