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Spending New Year's Eve 2018 in Phoenix? Here's What You Need to Know

By: Bradley B. / 12 Jul 2018
Spending New Year's Eve 2018 in Phoenix? Here's What You Need to Know

Looking for a unique way to spend your holiday season? Here at The Wigwam in Arizona, we're the perfect location for all of your celebration needs. We're located in Litchfield Park, a small city just twenty miles west of Phoenix. This makes us the best spot to stay away from the chaos, while still getting in all the partying you can handle. We're very family friendly as well, and offer many holiday events and activities. Let's run through some of the differences when celebrating your New Year's Eve in Phoenix, Arizona.


#1 – The Difference in Temperature


If you'll be traveling to The Wigwam to celebrate the New Year, remember that temperatures here are much less harsh than other states. It's absolutely gorgeous this time of the year. This is why many snowbirds prefer to leave in the summer and come back in the winter. The temperatures are beautiful, with highs that average in the 60s. No need to pack any heavy winter coats, but you may want to layer up so you don't get too chilly at night.


#2 – Many Different Locations to Celebrate


The greater Phoenix area is much larger than most people realize. Depending on what type of celebration you're look to participate in, there's many different spots around town to go to. We'd recommend choosing one overall, or splitting your time earlier in the evening and then staying put closer to midnight. Downtown Phoenix, Tempe near Mill Avenue and Old Town Scottsdale are all close by, giving you a great selection of venues to pick from.


#3 – Plan Your Celebration Ahead Of Time


With such a dense population and so much happening around the Valley, you'll want to make sure you plan out your visit and celebration itinerary before trying to make it happen. We highly suggest either staying in one place, or only moving locations before the festivities begin. For example, spending the afternoon in one location, and moving to another for the evening. Staying close to, or celebrating at The Wigwam, is another great tip, and helps you avoid the inconveniences of traveling on such a busy night.


Overall, coming to stay at The Wigwam Resort is Arizona is a fantastic way to celebrate New Year's Eve. With our awesome location and great amenities, you'll feel comfortable celebrating by staying in or going out. It's up to you. Check out our Special Offers page to learn more about current deals. You can also scroll up and use our online booking engine to make reservations now. Additionally, you're always free to give us a call at 866.976.6894. We'd be happy to help you plan your stay!

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