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Planning a Spring Golf Vacation at The Wigwam in Arizona

By: Bradley B. / 21 Feb 2017
Planning a Spring Golf Vacation at The Wigwam in Arizona

Spring time in Arizona is a golfer's paradise. Beautiful temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and some of the best course conditions you can find across the United States. If you haven't visited Phoenix before for a golf vacation, you owe it to yourself to begin planning your trip right this very moment.


Here at The Wigwam we offer our guests three championship golf courses with a diversity that is unmatched by any other resort in Arizona. Surrounded by distant mountains and gorgeous parkland, you'll be experiencing one of the most unique, natural courses in the southwest.


Now, if you haven't visited before, you're going to want to plan out what we refer to as a golf vacation. The great news is we provide a special golf package for you to enjoy yourself staying at The Wigwam Resort, while playing golf for as many days as you'd like. The convenience and relaxation factor is huge. These offers do change from time-to-time, so checking out that page is the best way to stay updated and get the best deal.


Additionally, we also offer the option to plan a more customized golf vacation. If you'll be visiting with a group for multiple days and want to focus your trip around golf, please fill out this form so we can get in touch with each other. This helps us plan your visit, accommodate you, and also schedule your stay based on any current discount packages we're able to offer. We'll do our best to put together a package that gives you the best benefits possible, with the most flexibility for your stay.


One of the most notable things about our golf courses is that they were planned out and built in the 1920s. Of course, they've seen many rounds of updates over the years, but what this foundation affords our guests is a unique experience of not seeing high-rise buildings or many other urban touches. What you end up getting is a true golf experience; streams, canals and lakes included. The Gold, Patriot and Heritage courses all offer a different challenge of their own accord. The variety makes for a great round of golf, and days-worth of enjoyment for your trip. We're also happy to accommodate other family members or friends who would like to come on the trip but won't be golfing.


The Wigwam is a historical resort in Litchfield Park in Arizona. We're close to both Glendale and Phoenix as well, giving you the relaxed, laid back experience that helps you recharge, with the option of driving into the city or heading over to Westgate in Glendale to shop and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the crowds. The links are above that you'll need to use to book your stay and inquire about more golf vacation information. You may also give us a call anytime at 866.976.6894. We look forward to helping you plan your visit. See you soon.

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