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Plan a Few Days Away From the Cold in the Valley of the Sun

By: Hotel Admin / 08 Feb 2016
Plan a Few Days Away From the Cold in the Valley of the Sun

The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States have been feeling the effects of an exceptionally strong winter thanks to a major blizzard that swept through these areas in January. From news reports and websites, the world witnessed children building snowmen, families doing their best to shovel snow from their driveways, cars completely frozen, and other activities and circumstances that can only take place when the cold of winter has taken over.


While winter can be a breathtakingly beautiful and uniquely enjoyable season, some people would be very happy to take a break from all the cold, head out to someplace warm, and engage in an action-packed vacation under the sun.


If you belong to this sun-loving group of people, why not plan a few days away from the cold in the Valley of the Sun? Arizona has plenty to offer if fun, high-energy adventure and outdoor recreation is more your thing. Call up your buddies, get your family in the car, and drive off to a trip filled with all the warm-weather activities you've been dreaming of.




Whether you've got an RV, a tent that you can pitch anywhere, or even just a sleeping bag that you can roll out, Arizona has a wide variety of campgrounds, RV parks and other recreational spaces you can try. Consider Camp Rucker, Navajo National Monument or the Grand Canyon Caverns RV Park.




There's no better way to bask in the sun than to ride around Arizona's stunning terrains on a bike. Join a tour or savor a solitary ride at Saguaro National Park, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, or Lake Mead.


Hunting or Fishing


Eager to catch your own food or revel in the chase between the hunter and the prey? Arizona offers great spots for your planned fishing or hunting trip. The Imperial Reservoir is ideal if you want to snag a quality largemouth bass. Trout, catfish and bass abound in The White Mountains. Javelina, a swine-like animal, can be hunted throughout Southern and Central Arizona. And antelope and elk can be caught close to Mogollon Rim and Flagstaff.


Water sports


What's a vacation under the sun without time spent splashing around in boats, kayaks or canoes? Lake Havasu, Lake Powell and Prescott are some of the best destinations for your wet and wild activities.


Hot Air Ballooning


Finally, enjoying the excellent Arizona weather is best done from high up—while riding a hot air balloon. You'll also get to marvel at the stunning views of desert and mountain landscapes as you float away.


With a fantastic mix of culture and the great outdoors there is no shortage of things to do in Phoenix and its surrounding areas. Come make some history at The Wigwam while you explore Arizona and enjoy a few warm weather days at our historic Arizona resort!


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