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Enjoying Labor Day Weekend at The Wigwam Arizona Resort

By: Bradley B. / 12 Jul 2017
Enjoying Labor Day Weekend at The Wigwam Arizona Resort

Summer is usually considered the shortest time of the year. After all, how can you cram dozens of fun things to do and amazing places to visit into just two months? Even though summer break will technically be over by September, you can look forward to a three-day holiday before everyone goes back to the grind: Labor Day.


Plus, Arizona is one of the best places to go to during the Labor Day Weekend. The city is teeming with various events and activities celebrating this holiday, and plenty of sunshine. However, keep in mind that finding the right accommodation is tantamount to having a great time here. One resort that offers world-class rooms and suites, facilities, amenities, and services that will certainly enable you to have a memorable Labor Day holiday is the Wigwam Arizona Resort.


Celebrating the Labor Day Weekend


When you stay at the Wigwam this Labor Day weekend, you'll be part of the various fun and exciting activities here. These include:


  • Water relay
  • Squirt gun race
  • Giant games
  • Obstacle course run
  • Water balloon games
  • Duck races
  • Water games
  • Ring toss tournament
  • Dive games
  • Poolside movie showing
  • Family game night


A poolside DJ will also be present to liven things up and keep the guests' and participants' energy levels up. The Sun Lounge will also be the venue for arts and crafts activities for kids and the Wildlife World Zoo on the 3rd of September. You and your family can take part in all these games and activities and enjoy your favorite meals, snacks, and beverages at the Tower Pool Bar & Grill and the Oasis Pool Bar.


While you're in the area, take the time to explore Litchfield Park as well. Enjoy the sunny but not too hot weather and check out the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park, Challenger Space Center Museum, Children's Museum of Phoenix, and the Desert Botanical Gardens. You can also spend an afternoon horseback riding through the Estrella Regional Park.


If you're up for a further adventure, head out to neighboring city Phoenix and visit the different local tourist attractions such as the Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix Botanical Gardens, Phoenix Mountains Park, Pueblo Grande Museum, Tovrea Castle, and St. Mary's Basilica. Just make sure you make it back in time for a lovely dinner at one of the resort's famed grill and restaurants.


Booking here at The Wigwam Arizona Resort can be busy these coming months, so make your reservations as early as now so that you can enjoy a fun, amazing Labor Day holiday this September. Call us to make your reservations today: 866.976.6894

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