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Wigwam Wellness Offerings

A Wellness Guide can help enhance your group's journey with daily classes and activities that serve your intention. The Wigwam's Wellness offerings can help your attendees achieve their fitness and wellness goals, bring your group closer together or give a well-deserved break in between meetings and events.

Wellness Classes

Intro to Meditation

$400.00 Per Session | 60 minutes
This workshop provides tips and techniques for meditation in our modern lifestyle. Learn the myths of meditation, why we resist meditating, and how to develop a personal practice at home. Come away with practical tools for easily fitting meditation into everyday life.

Everyday Ceremony for Heart Centered Leadership

$400.00 Per Session | 90 minutes
During this class, guests will connect with their heart and gain techniques to build heart-brain coherence. Learn mental and physical effects of stress, integrate a spiritual component, and come away with tips to feel more grounded, at ease and peaceful.

Burn Ceremony

$400.00 Per Session | 60 minutes
Symbolically release stress, a stuck issue or worry. This is a highlight to any experience and marks a special turning point in life.

Breathwork Healing

$400.00 Per Session | 120 minutes
Through this somatic journey, guests will sync mind and body, release stagnant energy and receive immediate healing benefits. Some of these benefits include: a feeling of rejuvenation, mental clarity, alleviation of tension and stress, strengthening lung capacity and a deeper connection with your higher self.

Sound Healing Meditation

$200.00 Per Session | 15 minutes
Experience the healing tones and harmonious sensations of crystal singing bowls. The rich textural sounds created by crystal bowls resonate hypnotically throughout the space allowing for chakra balancing, muscle relaxation and immune system stimulation.

Fitness Classes

Warrior Stretch

$300.00 Per Session | 45 minutes
Qigong practice is moving meditation, coordinating slow flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing and calm state of mind.

Turn up the Heat

$300.00 Per Session | 45 minutes
Time to pump it up with high intensity interval training. Varying intensity intervals to increase aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

Morning Yoga

$300.00 Per Session | 40 minutes
This class is designed to restore, reset and re-energize your body and is perfect for anyone new to the practice or a seasoned practitioner needing more hip opening flow postures.

Sunset Yoga and Meditation

$400.00 Per Session | 75 minutes
Reduce stress and decompress with this class. This class is a bit slower paced with warm-up postures and some standing postures before going to the floor for extra hip openers and therapeutic spine stretches. Unwind in peaceful surroundings with guided meditation which incorporates breathing techniques, visualizations and mantras, allowing guests to have more mindfulness, peace and harmony in daily life.

Sun Salutations

$400.00 Per Session | 60 minutes
Power yoga class with a great introduction to intermediate yoga postures with a Vinyasa Yoga influence. This class builds strength and improves flexibility through a step-by-step approach.

Yin and Release

$400.00 Per Session | 60 minutes
Yin yoga is a gentle and relaxing all-level class that works deeply into the connective tissues and joints of the hips, pelvis and lower spine and is suitable to all levels of guests through extended holds of postures.

Vin and Vino

$400.00 Per Session | 60 minutes
Experience a fun twist on yoga which uses Vinyasa based yoga postures with a comparative wine tasting afterward.

Meet Me at the Barre

$300.00 Per Session | 45 minutes
Lengthen, strengthen and tone in barre combining ballet, yoga and Pilates movements, to improve balance and stimulate the core. Barre includes the use of a chair as a tool for emphasis on form, alignment and core engagement while focusing on breath and mind-body connection.

Build and Breathe

$300.00 Per Session | 45 minutes
Full body workout while lengthening and strengthening your body using control. Improve your core strength and flexibility using traditional mat Pilates movements. Modifications and variations provided to optimize individual conditioning. Core principles are stabilization, precision, control, concentration, flow and breath.

Full Body Fusion

$400.00 Per Session | 60 minutes
Combine postures and modalities to increase flexibility and strength while tightening and toning core. Connect the mind and body through combined movements of breath and body control.

Wellness Breaks

Chair Yoga

$200.00 Per Session | 15 minutes
Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can be done anytime during the day. Break up the normal meeting routine with this short session designed to improve circulation, increase mobility and keep your attendees focused with energy.

Guided Meditation

$200.00 Per Session | 15 minutes
Relax and re-center with our guided meditation which uses the breath and visualization to help relax the mind and calm the body. Afterwards, your attendees will feel reset, refocused and re-energized for their afternoon meetings.

Coordinate three group sessions and receive one complimentary.