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Revitalize in August: Unwind with Wellness at The Wigwam!

By: The Wigwam / 16 Aug 2023
August Wellness at The Wigwam: Unwind & Thrive
Enter a serene paradise that offers the ideal escape from the stress of daily life, where peace and rejuvenation intertwine. Take advantage of a month full of stimulating activities to sate your body, mind, and spirit. Each program, from the peaceful practice of Yogalates to the revitalizing Hydro Fit sessions is carefully chosen to improve your general well-being. Take part in this enchanted voyage of renewal and self-discovery as The Wigwam encourages you to embrace August's spirit and flourish in the lap of wellbeing.


Yogalates sessions at The Wigwam combine the strength of yoga and Pilates in a peaceful environment. This innovative fusion technique combines yoga's flexibility and awareness with Pilates's core-strengthening advantages. Yogalates, led by knowledgeable instructors, strikes a balance between energizing the body and calming the mind, leaving you feeling refreshed and in your body.

Mat Pilates

At the cutting-edge of health activities at The Wigwam, experience the transformative benefits of Mat Pilates. As you perform low-impact exercises, strengthen your core, enhance posture, and become more flexible. Through controlled movements and concentrated breathing, mat Pilates improves physical strength and fosters mental clarity and relaxation, making it a crucial component of your wellness regimen.


You may advance your fitness journey with PiYo, a dynamic blend of Pilates and yoga flow. PiYo classes at The Wigwam provide a high-intensity, low-impact workout focusing on strength, stability, and balance. Prepare to shape and tone your muscles as you enjoy the serenity of yoga-inspired exercises. PiYo, appropriate for all fitness levels, is the ideal fusion of enjoyment and difficulty, leaving you feeling strong and reenergized.

Sunrise Yoga

Enjoy a peaceful Sunrise Yoga session in The Wigwam's gorgeous settings to start the day. Begin a soul-soothing yoga session to increase flexibility, encourage awareness, and instill a sense of inner serenity as the sun slowly rises. Sunrise Yoga, led by knowledgeable instructors, gives you a peaceful start to the day, leaving you feeling grounded and prepared to take on the possibilities.

Hydro Fit

Enter the energizing Hydro Fit universe at The Wigwam's poolside haven. This energizing aquatic workout combines strength training and cardiovascular activities in a low-impact environment. Experience the buoyancy and resistance of the water as you work every muscle in your body in a full-body exercise that increases endurance. In the sweltering Arizona heat, Hydro Fit provides an enjoyable and practical method to be active while keeping cool.

Total Body Conditioning

Improve your exercise regimen with Total Body Conditioning at the first-rate training facility at The Wigwam. Exercises that target all main muscle groups are included in this energetic session to improve strength, endurance, and general fitness. Total Body Conditioning delivers a challenging and rewarding experience, enabling you to reach your physical peak whether you're a fitness enthusiast or new to the training scene.
August at The Wigwam brings a host of wellness offerings designed to enrich your mind, body, and spirit. Discover a captivating oasis of serenity where you can revitalize and thrive. From the harmonious blend of Yogalates to invigorating Hydro Fit, The Wigwam invites you to embark on a journey of wellness and self-discovery. Rejuvenate your senses, embrace serenity, and unleash your vitality in the heart of Arizona's breathtaking landscape. Book your August wellness escape at The Wigwam with our Summertime and Sunshine Package today and experience a transformative and soul-nourishing retreat.

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