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Meeting Spaces at The Wigwam Resort, Arizona

Flexible Venues for Events in Arizona

Bring people together as a team - whether in person or virtually, with a hybrid meeting that lets your guests attend virtually. Following the latest health and safety guidelines, including enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of all venues, the versatile gathering spaces at our historic Litchfield Park resort are ideal for every kind of event. Set the stage in outdoor spaces that allow for social distancing, plan a meeting that connects you with your virtual attendees, and take advantage of flexible layouts.
square feet of indoor meeting spaces
square feet of outdoor meeting spaces
separate meeting rooms
gardens and events lawns

Wigwam Ballroom

Area: 10,800 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 50 - 1482
As our largest event space, the Wigwam Ballroom provides versatility in its ability to divide into seven separate venues at a time. Features such as a nearby built-in registration desk, adjacent men's and women's bathrooms and spacious foyers add to the Wigwam Ballroom's appeal. Each salon has double entrance doors to provide quieter access to the meeting space. The space also includes built-in house sound and a rear screen projection room which allows for maximum seating capacity.
  • Board Room(Conference): Capacity: 100
  • Classroom:  Capacity: 840
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 1160
  • Crescent Rounds (Cabaret):  Capacity: 492
  • Hollow Square:  Capacity: 192
  • Theater:   Capacity: 1200
  • U-shaped:   Capacity: 162
  • 10x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 52
  • 8x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 62
  • Island Exhibit:  Capacity: 50
  • Peninsula Exhibit: Capacity: 50
  • Perimeter Exhibit: Capacity: 50
  • Tabletop Exhibits:  Capacity: 110
  • E-shaped:  Capacity: 100
  • Perimeter Seating:  Capacity: 250
  • Royal Conference:  Capacity: 100
  • Talk Show:  Capacity: 1400

Mohave Ballroom

Area: 5,390 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 20 - 600
The Mohave Ballroom, is contemporary yet aligned with the historical character of The Wigwam. The space features beautiful lantern chandeliers, coordinating wall sconces and colorful carpet. Mohave can be divided into two sections via an air wall, creating flexible overall space. Double entrance doors make the ballroom convenient for entrance and exit of large groups. Men's and women's restroom facilities are located in close proximity, directly west of the ballroom. Built with technology in mind, Mohave includes an electronically controlled lighting system as well as a state-of-the-art house sound system.
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 420
  • Board Room(Conference): Capacity: 72
  • Classroom:  Capacity: 378
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 600
  • Crescent Rounds (Cabaret):  Capacity: 240
  • Hollow Square:  Capacity: 120
  • Theater:   Capacity: 416
  • U-shaped:   Capacity: 90
  • 10x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 20
  • 8x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 27
  • Island Exhibit:  Capacity: 20
  • Peninsula Exhibit: Capacity: 20
  • Perimeter Exhibit: Capacity: 25
  • Tabletop Exhibits:  Capacity: 40
  • E-shaped:  Capacity: 90
  • Perimeter Seating:  Capacity: 104
  • Royal Conference:  Capacity: 72
  • Talk Show:  Capacity: 400
  • T-shaped:  Capacity: 90

Sachem Ballroom

Area: 5,084 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 10 - 500
One of two junior ballrooms within the resort, our Sachem Hall ballroom is quite unique in that it contains a built-in stage measuring 37" in height, 39' 5" in width and 20' 7" deep. This feature is most useful for entertainment needs, keynote speakers and rear-screen projection requirements. Sachem Hall can be divided into two sections via an air wall, creating flexible overall space. Double entrance doors make the ballroom convenient for entrance and exit of large groups. Men's and women's restroom facilities are located in close proximity, directly west of the ballroom.
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 350
  • Board Room(Conference): Capacity: 54
  • Classroom:  Capacity: 384
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 450
  • Crescent Rounds (Cabaret):  Capacity: 90
  • Hollow Square:  Capacity: 120
  • Theater:   Capacity: 450
  • U-shaped:   Capacity: 93
  • 10x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 10
  • 8x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 13
  • Island Exhibit:  Capacity: 10
  • Peninsula Exhibit: Capacity: 10
  • Perimeter Exhibit: Capacity: 12
  • Tabletop Exhibits:  Capacity: 20
  • E-shaped:  Capacity: 50
  • Perimeter Seating:  Capacity: 55
  • Royal Conference:  Capacity: 54
  • Talk Show:  Capacity: 185
  • T-shaped:  Capacity: 50

Kiva and Sahuaro

Area: 2,016 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 4 - 100
Our Kiva and Sahuaro rooms provide flexibility in their capacity to open up as one 2016 sq. ft room or separate into three 672 sq. ft rooms. The space is ideal for small Breakout Meetings, conference Office and Storage room needs and quaint, intimate meal settings. Located directly outside of Kiva and Sahuaro is a wide foyer lined by windows overlooking the Wigwam's vast front lawn and citrus trees.
  • 10x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 4
  • 8x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 5
  • Island Exhibit:  Capacity: 6
  • Peninsula Exhibit: Capacity: 6
  • Perimeter Exhibit: Capacity: 14
  • Tabletop Exhibits:  Capacity: 15
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 50
  • Board Room(Conference): Capacity: 38
  • Classroom:  Capacity: 50
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 80
  • Crescent Rounds (Cabaret):  Capacity: 48
  • E-shaped:  Capacity: 40
  • Hollow Square:  Capacity: 48
  • Perimeter Seating:  Capacity: 75
  • Royal Conference:  Capacity: 38
  • Talk Show:  Capacity: 100
  • Theater:   Capacity: 100
  • T-shaped:  Capacity: 40
  • U-shaped:   Capacity: 39

Palo Verde

Area: 1,152 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 5 - 130
Palo Verde truly captures the Southwest in its architecture and decor. Vega treatment on the ceiling and walls paired with earth-toned carpet in an Aztec print makes the space really stand apart. Palo Verde also has the benefit of a private foyer allowing for convenient, exclusive access to catering services.
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 80
  • Board Room(Conference): Capacity: 24
  • Classroom:  Capacity: 72
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 110
  • Crescent Rounds (Cabaret):  Capacity: 48
  • Hollow Square:  Capacity: 48
  • Theater:   Capacity: 128
  • U-shaped:   Capacity: 36
  • 10x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 8
  • 8x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 10
  • Island Exhibit:  Capacity: 5
  • Peninsula Exhibit: Capacity: 10
  • Perimeter Exhibit: Capacity: 10
  • Tabletop Exhibits:  Capacity: 15
  • E-shaped:  Capacity: 25
  • Perimeter Seating:  Capacity: 40
  • Royal Conference:  Capacity: 24
  • Talk Show:  Capacity: 80
  • T-shaped:  Capacity: 25

Ozanne Room

Area: 1,680 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 8 - 150
Situated right beside the palm-lined Trellis Garden, the Ozanne Room offers the ideal location for smaller and intimate gatherings for up to 150 people.
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 90
  • Board Room(Conference): Capacity: 44
  • Classroom:  Capacity: 88
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 130
  • Crescent Rounds (Cabaret):  Capacity: 54
  • Hollow Square:  Capacity: 40
  • Theater:   Capacity: 150
  • U-shaped:   Capacity: 51
  • 10x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 8
  • 8x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 10
  • Island Exhibit:  Capacity: 10
  • Peninsula Exhibit: Capacity: 15
  • Perimeter Exhibit: Capacity: 25
  • Tabletop Exhibits:  Capacity: 30
  • E-shaped:  Capacity: 40
  • Perimeter Seating:  Capacity: 50
  • Royal Conference:  Capacity: 44
  • Talk Show:  Capacity: 100
  • T-shaped:  Capacity: 40

Palm Room

Area: 540 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 18
As our executive board room, Palm Room contains a large wood conference table with ergonomic, swivel-back armchairs and residential-style side tables. Lined with windows on the east side, Palm Room overlooks beautiful lawn and garden areas as well as our main pool.

Orchard Room

Area: 450 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 12
With the views of orchards right outside, this small conference setting is best for quick meets for up to a dozen attendees.
Board Room(Conference): Capacity: 12

Garden Room

Area: 400 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 12
Keep your perspectives fresh with views of our flower and citrus gardens. Ideal for conferences with focused groups of attendees.
Board Room(Conference): Capacity: 12

Red Allen's Bar & Grill Private Room

Area: Open Max. Capacity: 12
Customized menus complete with wine pairings attuned to your taste and occasion, the private settings at the Red's is ideal of intimate business meetings. Venue services range from a sunset barbeque for 500 to private balcony dinners for two.
  • Board Room(Conference): Capacity: 38

Arizona Room

Area: 1,344 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 36 - 200
The Arizona Room is a non-traditional, versatile space that can be utilized for both meetings and social events. As a stand-alone room set apart from our Conference Center, Arizona Room is warm and inviting with Southwest decor and curtained windows overlooking our beautiful ceremony garden. Guests love the built-in fireplace and historical photos hung throughout, creating a unique atmosphere.
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 150
  • Classroom:  Capacity: 80
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 150
  • Hollow Square:  Capacity: 48
  • Theater:   Capacity: 130
  • U-shaped:   Capacity: 36

Wigwam Lawn & Patio

Area: 6,500 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 250 - 500
The Wigwam lawn and patio are located to the west of the resort's lobby and an ideal location for welcome events such as receptions and dinners due to its central location. To the west side of the terrace is a lovely garden fountain and along its perimeter lie rose bushes and other flowering plants. These attributes make Wigwam Lawn a lovely outdoor venue.
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 300
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 500
  • Theater:   Capacity: 250

Front Lawn

Area: 12,000 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 700 - 2000
Our 12,000 square foot Front Lawn is located directly within the entrance gates of the resort. Due to its size and versatility, it is ideal space for large outdoor group needs such as team building events. The Front Lawn is attractively lined with indigenous citrus trees and flowering desert plants.
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 700
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 1000
  • Theater:   Capacity: 2000

Trellis Garden

Area: 6,000 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 300
Our intimate Trellis Garden is our newest event space for receptions of up to 300 guests and is surrounded by lush landscaping and fragrant citrus trees.

Litchfield Lawn

Area: 6,000 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 180 - 450
Litchfield lawn is the largest of our private outdoor group venues, it can host a myriad of events including weddings, Receptions and Dinner programs with entertainment.
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 240
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 300
  • Crescent Rounds (Cabaret):  Capacity: 180
  • Theater:   Capacity: 300

Litchfield Patio

Area: 1,500 sq. ft. Capacity: 125 (Reception)
Wider entry means lesser traffic congestions around your event venue. With a picturesque backdrop, customizable menus and local crafted beers, the Litchfield Patio is ideal for group meets and team huddles.

Sachem Terrace

Area: 2,800 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 102 - 250
The outdoor location adjacent to Sachem Hall and Aztec salons, Sachem Terrace is ideal for banquet Receptions prior to moving indoors for Dinner service as well as wedding ceremonies, conference Breakfasts and Luncheons. Overlooking the resort's beautiful front lawn and citrus trees, the terrace is the most convenient outdoor location to the conference center. It is lined with palm trees and flowering plants, adding to the terrace's appeal.
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 170
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 250
  • Crescent Rounds (Cabaret):  Capacity: 102
  • Theater:   Capacity: 250

Oasis Pool Lawn & Patio

Area: 2,500 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 125
Give an added layer of exclusivity to your poolside parties and casual get-togethers. Close proximity to the other-worldly ambience of our Oasis Pool and access to the Poolside Bar makes your vibrant events extra special.

Garden Lawn

Area: 1,500 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 80-100
Surrounded by palm trees and our rose garden, the Garden Lawn makes for scenic outdoor events for up to 200 people.
  • Theater:   Capacity: 80
  • Reception:   Capacity: 100

Red Allen's Bar & Grill Patio

Area: 1,500 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 50 - 100
Setup your small group huddles around Red's Bar & Grill's outdoor dining area. With open grills, beer, and the lush green meadows right outside, this is the best setting for fun-filled sunny days with your buddies.
  • Theater:   Capacity: 50
  • Reception:   Capacity: 100

Junior Golf Lawn

Area: Open Max. Capacity: 200 (Rounds of 10)
Wigwam's Junior Golf Lawn provides the unique opportunity of hosting your casual get-togethers right by our professional golf courses. With a view of lush green meadows, customizable menu options and the resort's best event amenities at your disposal, this venue speaks for your event's success. 

Oraibi (Parlor Only)

Area: 1,800 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 50 - 100
Located near the two-phase Tower Pool, the Oraibi Parlor is a sophisticated indoor event space with traditional southwestern décor and parlor amenities. Host exclusive formal get-togethers with our resort's best services at your disposal.
  • Conference:   Capacity: 36
  • Reception:   Capacity: 150

Bacabi (Parlor Only)

Area: 750 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 16- 50
Situated right across Wigwam's rejuvenating Lemond Aveda Salon-Spa, the Bacabi Parlor is the prized meeting venue for boardroom delegates and high-level executives. Complete with its southern sophistication and an adept parlor, the suite is bound to create a lasting impression.
  • Conference:   Capacity: 16
  • Reception:   Capacity: 50

Suites #338 - #343

Area: 360 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 10- 20
With views of the Garden & Front Lawn and close proximity to the main entrance, these executive meeting suites offer the perfect combination of elegance and convenience.
  • Conference:   Capacity: 10
  • Classroom:   Capacity: 12
  • Theater:   Capacity: 20
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