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Venues at The Wigwam Resort, Arizona

Host Your Dream Wedding in Charming Indoor and Outdoor Venues Near Phoenix, AZ

Walk down the aisle at our historic Litchfield Park resort, where stunning venues and exceptional service come together to set the stage for countless lifelong memories. Take a walk through the lush grounds, with pathways lined by towering palms and 8,000 fragrant rose bushes. Exchange your vows beneath a beautiful arbor stretching over our picturesque wedding lawn, or tie the knot surrounded by the grandeur of our majestic ballrooms. Make your special day truly unforgettable by planning your wedding at The Wigwam.

Front Lawn

Area: 10,800 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 700 - 2000
Located directly within the entrance gates of our resort, the Front Lawn is a versatile venue that is ideal for grand outdoor celebrations and receptions. Make memories in a scenic setting featuring indigenous citrus trees and vibrant flowering desert plants.
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 700
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 1000
  • Theater:   Capacity: 2000

Litchfield Lawn

Area: 6,175 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 180 - 450
Largest among our private outdoor group venues, the Litchfield Lawn is ideal for spectacular ceremonies and receptions. Discover a refreshing open-air space where you can bring your dream wedding to life.
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 240
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 300
  • Crescent Rounds (Cabaret):  Capacity: 180
  • Theater:   Capacity: 300

Sachem Terrace

Area: 2,800 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 102 - 250
Located adjacent to Sachem Hall and Aztec salons, this outdoor location overlooks our beautiful front lawn and citrus trees. Say "I do" under the open sky as the scenic surroundings create a captivating backdrop.
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 170
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 250
  • Crescent Rounds (Cabaret):  Capacity: 102
  • Theater:   Capacity: 250

Trellis Garden

Area: 6,000 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 300
Surrounded by lush landscaping and fragrant citrus trees, the Trellis Garden is an intimate space that presents the perfect setting for a charming wedding reception at The Wigwam.

Wigwam Ballroom

Area: 10,800 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 50 - 1482
In addition to being our largest event space, the Wigwam Ballroom is also one of the most versatile venues at the resort. This sprawling event space can be divided into seven separate venues and features a built-in registration desk, adjacent men's and women's bathrooms, and spacious foyers.
  • Board Room(Conference): Capacity: 100
  • Classroom:  Capacity: 840
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 1160
  • Crescent Rounds (Cabaret):  Capacity: 492
  • Hollow Square:  Capacity: 192
  • Theater:   Capacity: 1200
  • U-shaped:   Capacity: 162
  • 10x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 52
  • 8x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 62
  • Island Exhibit:  Capacity: 50
  • Peninsula Exhibit: Capacity: 50
  • Perimeter Exhibit: Capacity: 50
  • Tabletop Exhibits:  Capacity: 110
  • E-shaped:  Capacity: 100
  • Perimeter Seating:  Capacity: 250
  • Royal Conference:  Capacity: 100
  • Talk Show:  Capacity: 1400

Sachem Ballroom

Area: 5,084 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 10 - 500
The Sachem Hall is one of two junior ballrooms within our resort. This unique venue features a large built-in stage, along with double doors for convenient entry and exit, and men's and women's restroom facilities in close proximity.
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 350
  • Board Room(Conference): Capacity: 54
  • Classroom:  Capacity: 384
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 450
  • Crescent Rounds (Cabaret):  Capacity: 90
  • Hollow Square:  Capacity: 120
  • Theater:   Capacity: 450
  • U-shaped:   Capacity: 93
  • 10x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 10
  • 8x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 13
  • Island Exhibit:  Capacity: 10
  • Peninsula Exhibit: Capacity: 10
  • Perimeter Exhibit: Capacity: 12
  • Tabletop Exhibits:  Capacity: 20
  • E-shaped:  Capacity: 50
  • Perimeter Seating:  Capacity: 55
  • Royal Conference:  Capacity: 54
  • Talk Show:  Capacity: 185
  • T-shaped:  Capacity: 50

Mohave Ballroom

Area: 5,390 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 20 - 600
Contemporary in its design, yet aligned with the historical character of our resort, the Mohave Ballroom features electronically-controlled lighting and a state-of-the-art sound system. The venue creates a spectacular setting for weddings with lantern chandeliers, coordinating wall sconces, and colorful carpets.
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 420
  • Board Room(Conference): Capacity: 72
  • Classroom:  Capacity: 378
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 600
  • Crescent Rounds (Cabaret):  Capacity: 240
  • Hollow Square:  Capacity: 120
  • Theater:   Capacity: 416
  • U-shaped:   Capacity: 90
  • 10x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 20
  • 8x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 27
  • Island Exhibit:  Capacity: 20
  • Peninsula Exhibit: Capacity: 20
  • Perimeter Exhibit: Capacity: 25
  • Tabletop Exhibits:  Capacity: 40
  • E-shaped:  Capacity: 90
  • Perimeter Seating:  Capacity: 104
  • Royal Conference:  Capacity: 72
  • Talk Show:  Capacity: 400
  • T-shaped:  Capacity: 90

Ozanne Room

Area: 1,680 sq. ft. Max. Capacity: 8 - 150
With its inviting Southwestern-inspired decor and curtained windows overlooking our lush ceremony garden, the Ozanne Room is a versatile space that features a built-in fireplace and fascinating historical photos.
  • Banquet Rounds: Capacity: 90
  • Board Room(Conference): Capacity: 44
  • Classroom:  Capacity: 88
  • Cocktail Rounds:  Capacity: 130
  • Crescent Rounds (Cabaret):  Capacity: 54
  • Hollow Square:  Capacity: 40
  • Theater:   Capacity: 150
  • U-shaped:   Capacity: 51
  • 10x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 8
  • 8x10 Exhibits:  Capacity: 10
  • Island Exhibit:  Capacity: 10
  • Peninsula Exhibit: Capacity: 15
  • Perimeter Exhibit: Capacity: 25
  • Tabletop Exhibits:  Capacity: 30
  • E-shaped:  Capacity: 40
  • Perimeter Seating:  Capacity: 50
  • Royal Conference:  Capacity: 44
  • Talk Show:  Capacity: 100
  • T-shaped:  Capacity: 40
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By submitting this form, you consent to share your personal information with us to service your request and for communication purposes. We do not sell your data to third parties. If you wish to access or erase your personal information, you can do so by submitting your details Click to erase your personal information.

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